President & CEO Takashi Kakimoto

Thanks to our customers’ warm support, we have been able to continue to provide exceptional work for 60 years.

“Customer First Policy” and “Technical Development”

Through our management principles of “Customer First Policy” and “Technical Development”, we provide customers with products that meet their demands with high quality at a competitive cost.

Technical skills, suggestions, and solutions are necessary to provide good quality molds for our customers. We have several job training programs for workers who are active on the line. We also prepare safe working environments, always challenge our minds, and innovate upon our techniques.

As a member of society and the Toyota Tsusho Group, we always try to be a valuable company by continual technological innovation.


“Customer First Policy” and “Technical Innovation”
  1. 1. We pursue the improvement of our services and quality for our customers.
  2. 2. We always make an effort to continue to challenge and have a leadership role in this industry.


Corporate Profile

Company Name Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Established March 14, 1957
Capital 400 million yen
Representative Takashi Kakimoto
Sales 4,967 million yen
Products Plastic Injection Mold, Die-Casting Die, Low-Pressure Die Casting Die, Shell Mold
Employees 222
Location 1-9-6 Rokujo Minami, Gifu City, Gifu, Japan 500-8358  Phone:+81-58-274-1106


Group Companies Showa Seiki Kogyo Co.,Ltd.(Tokushima, Japan)
Shareholders Toyota Tsusho Corporation 90%
Toyota Motor Corporation 10%



March 1957 Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd. was established. The capital was 50 million yen.
[Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. (Wholly owned).]
December 1961 Sagami plant started operation.
October 1965 Capital 400 million yen
October 1970 Kamioka Seiki Co., Ltd. established.
October 1971 Gifu-Husky Co., Ltd. established.
[Renamed KATA System Co., Ltd in 1990.]
July 1987 Two operating divisions of the Sagami factory were split into subsidiaries.
[Split into EGS Co., Ltd. and Z-MAX Co., Ltd.]
October 1995 EGS Co., Ltd. and Z-MAX Co., Ltd. transferred to Kamioka, and merged.
October 1996 The precision instrument section along with Z-MAX Co., Ltd. of Kamioka Seiki Co., Ltd. were merged, and re-named Kamioka Seiki Co. Ltd.
EGS Co., Ltd. absorbed the tooling department of Kamioka Seiki Co., Ltd.
October 2001 ARRK Corporation acquired all stock of Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd. from Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd.
April 2003 GIFU SEIKI (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. was established.
[Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd. invested 60% and ARRK Corporation (Thailand) invested 40%.]
May 2005 Kamioka Seiki Co., Ltd. and EGS Co., Ltd. Merged and renamed Kamioka EGS Co. Ltd
February 2010 All stock of the KATA System Co., Ltd. were transferred to System Holdings Co., Ltd.
May 2010 Kamioka EGS Co., Ltd. Ceased operations and the facility restarted as a new entity called ARRK Corporation Kamioka factory.
March  2012 Showa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. and GIFU SEIKI (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. became 100% subsidiaries of Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
September 2013 Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation acquired all stock of Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd. from ARRK Corporation [Toyota Tsusho Corporation 90% Toyota Motor Corporation 10%]
Founding and Opening Period



7 minutes by Taxi from JR Gifu Station
9 minutes by Taxi from Meitetsu Gifu Station


Main Customer

  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Toyota Industrial Corporation
  • Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.
  • Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Boshoku Corporation
  • Toyota Boshoku Tohoku Corporation
  • Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Daihatsu Kyushu Co., Ltd.
  • Hino Motors Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Motor Kyushu,Inc.
  • Toyota Motor Hokkaido, Inc.
  • Suzuki Motor Corporation
  • Isuzu Motors Ltd.
  • Hibino Industry Co., Ltd.
  • DNP Tamura Plastic MFG. Co., Ltd.
  • Daikyo Nishikawa Corporation
  • Trinity Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Isuzu MFG. Co., Ltd.
  • Hayashi Telempu Corporation
  • Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
  • JATCO Ltd.
  • Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • (random order, honorific titles are omitted)


Gifu Seiki Group

Gifuseiki Mold & Engineering Co.,Ltd. 1-9-6 Rokujo Minami, Gifu City, Gifu, Japan 500-8358
Phone: +81-58-271-7871
Showa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd. 1939-13, Kamojimacho Ushishima, Yoshinogawa-shi, Tokushima, 776-0001, Japan
Phone: +81-883-24-1339
GIFU SEIKI (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate,700/380 moo6,Tambol Don Hua Lor,Ampur muang,
CChonburi 20000 Thailand
Phone: +66-3-846-8101
Facsimile: +66-3-846-8107